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Main items of daily maintenance of cranes
Aug 11, 2018

   Overrhad Crane maintenance in the mechanical part: Check the brakes of each mechanism, the operation of each mechanism, the fastening of the connecting bolts of each component, the wire rope of each part, etc., and the fault should be eliminated in time, check the connecting bolts of each mechanism, Weld and component work, timed tightening and painting.

   Maintenance of the hydraulic system: Add or replace hydraulic oil on time, and check the oil pipe and its joints, safety valves, hydraulic pumps and hydraulic cylinders, etc., and find that the crane problem should be dealt with in time.

   Maintenance of electrical system: wires and cables should be free from damage. The travel switch of the safety device must be reliable, and the grounding protection resistance should meet the requirements.

   Lubrication work: The lubrication of all parts of the tower crane should be checked frequently, the cycle lubrication work should be done, and the lubricant should be added or replaced on time.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the tower crane and ensure the safety of man and machine, it is necessary to do the routine maintenance work centered on the six contents of crane inspection, adjustment, cleaning, fastening, lubrication and replenishment.

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