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Electric hoist must not exceed the rated load
Jun 11, 2018

Electric hoist must not exceed the rated load

The load capacity is the maximum rated load that can be handled by lifting equipment such as electric hoists. Although manufacturers may indicate that they have tested an electric hoist that exceeds the limit, the crane operator should not attempt to lift a heavier load than the maximum rated load.

Crane manufacturers describe the power required to lift the load for pulling force. For example, if a 1/2 ton manual hoist specifies 40 pounds of pull, the operator would need to pull 40 pounds to lift a maximum of 1/2 ton (500 pounds).

The clearance height is the distance from the bottom of the loading hook to the top of the hoisting machinery such as an electric hoist. This is the minimum amount of vertical space required for free lifting and correct operation of the lifting appliance. Crane manufacturers introduce the lifting height is the maximum vertical distance that the load hook can move the load.

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